Extended Filter

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Using filters is a very powerful feature of Stomons Console.

You create custom filters to suit your own needs. Filters work like tags; you can apply more than one to a many storage views.

Quick Overview of Search Filter Syntax :




&& , AND DT=FC AND VO~ATA  Entries in which DT Column is equal to "FC and VO Column is approximates ATA
|| , OR (DT=ATA OR DT=SATA)  Entries in which DT Column is equal to "ATA" or "SATA"
= DT=FC  Entries in which DT column is equal to "FC".
!= DS!=ATA  Entries in which DS column is not equal to "ATA"
~ VO~Host  Entries in which VO column that approximates "Host"
!~ VO!~Host  Entries in which VO column that not approximates "Host"

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